QUEST FOR NO MORE TAN LINES: History of our Tan Through Shirts
Cooltan tan through shirts. A safe, natural tan through your shirt, no tan lines! tan-through shirts help you stay cool and eliminate tan lines!
Cooltan tan through shirts. The shirts you tan right thru

Product History

Six years ago I set out to find a shirt I would actually enjoy golfing in. Something that would keep me cool and comfortable all afternoon. A shirt that would be nice and loose with plenty of freedom for my swing... a shirt that might even keep me from getting those "golfers's tan lines" half way through June.

I found no one made such a shirt, so I set out to make it. As president of a textile company, I figured I had an edge.

It took us 2 years to perfect the fabric we use in Cooltan shrits. It's a great looking, lightweight cotton fabric that feels wonderful! Air flows right through to cool you, and since each cotton fiber has twice the surface area of regular shirts, moisture evaporates 3 times faster, producing an effect called evaporative cooling. Combined, these qualities keep you cooler and drier than any other fabric in the world.

My favorite part is that it allows sunlight through, so you can get a tan while playing golf, tennis, or gardening, or walking, at about the same rate as you would with a medium level sunscreen.

You will find Cooltan shirts are the perfect shirts for summer, and I promise if you are ever less than completely happy with any Cooltan shirt, just call us and we will promptly replace it or refund your money.

Ray Cava