COOLTAN Product Q & A

How does the fabric work?

The unique patent-pending fabric used in Cooltan tan-through swimwear is made with a special knitting technology that creates millions of tiny pores in the fabric. These pores allow approximately half of the sun's light to pass through to approximately the same degree as a medium level sunscreen. They are more comfortable than a regular suit because they allow your skin to breathe. Also, because of the suit's construction, the fabric will dry faster if you decide to take a dip in the pool while wearing it.

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Do the suits have a lining?

Yes. There is a small front panel in the suits (excluding shorts) for increased modesty.

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Do the tops have padding?

No. There is no padding in the swim tops because the extra layer of padding added to any top will interefere with the ability of the suit to allow the sun's rays through and make the suit.

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Do I need to wear sunblock still?

Absolutely yes! You should treat the underlying skin as if it is fully exposed to the sun. In fact, it may be even more vital to wear sunblock under tan through swimwear and clothing because some of that skin has never been exposed to the sun at all.

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Can you see through the suits?

Cooltan Swimsuits are not see-through when wet, nor when dry. Although it is a lightweight fabric, it is not see-through when worn.

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Where are the suits made?

All Cooltan swimsuit fabric, as well as the suits themselves are made in the USA! The best place in the world to get really great quality at a great price!

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Are tan through suits expensive?

The cost of tan through clothing, bathing suits, and accessories is very reasonable. In most cases it is not much more than you would pay for regular material. Many people who looked into these products a few years back may have been turned off by the price of this swimwear, but it has come down considerably. Not only that, but the for what the suits are capable to do, it is well worth the price.

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Are there any health benefits?

Yes. Vitamin D also known as the “Sunshine Vitamin” is an important part of our daily diet.

  • Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that is necessary for healthy teeth and bones.
  • It is important for the metabolism of minerals, which play a part in immunity.
  • Weak bones and kidney stones are symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency.
  • Tanning improves your skin, especially if you have acne or a skin condition like Psoriasis or Eczema.
  • If you suffer from Rheumatism or Arthritis, tanning regularly could help relieve some of the pain.

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    Men, you no longer have to wear it tight!

    Men's tan through shorts no longer have to be so tight. Some would say that tighter tan through shorts work better, and this may be true, but tan thru shorts can also be looser and therefore more fashionable for those who do not want to wear something so tight. Men, in particular, have often shed away from tan through shorts because they do not want something so tight, and this may provide the answer.

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    Tan through shorts are for both men and women!

    Cooltan tan through shorts are for both men and women. Since the shorts do not have liners in them, it makes the suits wearable for both gender. However, the shorts are in men sizes, so ladies please order one to two sizes smaller than what you would typically wear.

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    Not just for the beach!

    There are many times that it is not possible to wear tan through swimwear, such as sporting events or other outdoor activities. And at the same time you might want to getting the benefits of tan thru. Enter shirts and tank tops that provide the same benefit as the swimwear.

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    Do the sizes run big? small?

    Women's Cooltan suits run small. Technically, they are true to size measurements, but many other swimwear companies sell swimwear that runs much bigger than true, so our suits run small in comparison. When selecting your size, please remember that the suits should fit comfortably, and should not be tight.

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    Does the material dry quickly?

    Cooltan swimsuits dry quickly both when you wear them and after you wash them, making them extra comfortable, and a great travel suit! This may not be the goal of this type of fashion technology, but it is certainly a secondary benefit. Even on a hot day where the sun is behind thick clouds you may find yourself reaching for your tan thru bathing suit or shirt to wear for the pool or beach because it dries so quickly.

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    Is the fabric comfortable to wear?

    Actually, this material can often be more comfortable - light and breathable - than other types of clothes. The material must allow the sun's rays in, so it can't be too thick - of course it is not see through, it is just tan through!

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    How fast can you tan through the suit?

    Best way to achieve an all over tan, is to use an SPF lotion of 6 to 10 (or higher as needed) on skin which is not covered by the suit. We also recommend using suncreen with an SPF 30 for a more even, all over tan.

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    Can you wear the suits in a tanning salon?

    Yes, you can if you like to be a bit covered up when tanning but also want to minimize your tan lines. Depending on the type of lamps used and their placement, the SPF level of the fabric can range from 5 or 6 spf sunscreen in the tanning booth, so it may not be perfect but it may also help preven you from burning if that skin has not been exposed to much sunlight yet. So please be sure to limit your initial exposure to determine what your results will be with each particular tanning device. For those who like to be a little covered up in the tanning bed, tan through swimwear may be a great option.

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    Can people tell I am wearing a tan through suit?

    Not at all - you've likely seen someone in tan through bathing suit or shirt and had no idea. These products look exactly the same as other swimwear and shirts.

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    Are tan through suits durable?

    Yes, tan through material is durable and long-lasting! The suits, cover ups or other swimwear you buy today will last as long as other clothing you buy. Again, some who looked into tan thru bathing suits, bikinis, and other clothing you buy. Again, some who looked into tan thru bathing suits, bikinis, and other swimwear a few years back might have been disappointed, but we encourage you to give these bathing suits another try, and get an all over even tan!

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    Can you wear them for water sports?

    Yes. The fabric used in Cooltan suits is has an exceptionally high resistance to pool chemicals and ocean salt. In addition, the pores in the fabric prevent water from building up inside the suit, which is an advantage for competitive swimmers.

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    How do you wash the suits?

    Cooltan Tan-Through suits are fully machine washable!! They are NOT affected by pool chlorine or ocean salt. Pretty cool huh? It is also made so that you can wash it with your other clothing. It will become a normal part of your wardrobe, just like your other suits - wait, do you need other swimwear??

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